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Important Monthly Updates

Hello, I'm Jeremy, your Senior Case Manager. I'm reaching out to emphasize the significance of completing the information below. This will aid us in comprehensively understanding your Recovery Status and the ongoing impacts of your injuries on your life.

Your updates are crucial as they enable us to promptly access your medical chart notes and effectively assess the non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, in your case. The more details you can provide, the better we can present you as a person to the insurance company, enhancing the human aspect of your case. Your collaboration greatly assists us in advocating for your needs - and ultimately, maximizing your compensation.

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Examples to elaborate in the form below

Example 1:

Prior to the car accident, I was responsible for maintaining our home, which included tasks like cleaning, laundry, and other household chores. Unfortunately, my back injury from the accident has made it challenging for me to bend or lift heavy objects without experiencing severe pain. Consequently, my spouse has had to step in and handle these tasks, along with managing all the school-related responsibilities. This adjustment has placed additional pressure on them, impacting their ability to balance their own work commitments.

Example 2: 

Before the accident, my spouse and I shared an intimate connection, engaging in sexual activities 2 to 3 times per week. However, since the accident, the persistent pain in my lower back has made it incredibly challenging to experience pleasure during these moments. As a result, our intimate life has suffered, putting a strain on our relationship. The pain and discomfort I experience have caused a significant decrease in my desire for intimacy, leading to feelings of neglect on my spouse's part. They are frustrated by the emotional toll this lack of intimacy has taken on our relationship, especially as months pass without improvement. This frustration has escalated into heated arguments, further exacerbating the emotional turmoil between us.

Example 3:

Before the accident, I excelled in my role as an analyst, spending eight hours a day at my computer with ease. However, since the accident, I've been plagued by persistent headaches and concentration issues, which emerge after just an hour of work. These symptoms have severely impacted my performance, causing a noticeable decline in my output and efficiency. My manager has expressed concern about my deteriorating work performance, highlighting the potential reputational risk it poses to our team and the company. This decline in performance is not only affecting my day-to-day responsibilities but also has significant implications for my overall compensation package at the end of each evaluation period. The struggle to maintain my previous level of productivity has become a source of stress and frustration, further exacerbating the challenges I face in the workplace.


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