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5 Reasons Why
You Should Hire a Lawyer For Your Evictions

Landlord-Tenant Law is highly technical, fast paced, and the changing rules at the local level create additional complexities. Hiring an attorney may cost you some money up front as you begin to rent your properties, but hiring a good landlord law firm will definitely help you in the long run. Establishing a good relationship with an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in the legal ins and outs of evictions and landlord-tenant law can help keep you prepared if you do get a bad tenant that you need to evict.


Consider the following 5 ways an attorney can help:

1. Local Laws

As it may have become even more magnified with Co-vid 19 protections, most liberal municipalities will have very strict laws that are extremely pro-tenant and have many free tenant defense programs. Having an attorney who specializes in local landlord-tenant laws in your jurisdiction can help you navigate the delay tactics and counterattacks they will employ to win for the tenants.


2. Highly Technical

Unlawful Detainer actions are highly technical, meaning there are strict process, procedures, and timelines to abide by. Even the tiniest of errors will cause the judge to dismiss your case. Be prepared for a lot of paperwork and confusing rules that will eat up much of your time. You’ll have to figure out what to file, how to format, cite legal precedent, what evidence is admissible, and more. It’s rigorous, and you have a limited amount of time. You should take advantage of a good lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of the law to guide you through these highly technical lawsuits.

3. Save Money

Especially for first time evictions and properties that are in jurisdiction with constant changes to the Landlord-Tenant laws, even the smallest mistakes can make you lose weeks if not months of time and money. Not only will you have to incur the cost of filing fees, but your time, and often times not receiving rent payments.

4. Combat being countersued

Many tenants will through the kitchen sink at you. Be prepared to fight off allegations of discrimination, habitability claims, or abiding by other important Landlord-Tenant laws. Preparing ahead of time to omit this risk can save you heartache, time and money. 

5. "It ain't over until it's over"

Even after a Judge has granted a judgment in your favor, until a Sheriff has handed possession over to you, tenants still have opportunities to make emergency requests to stay at your property.

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When you hire a lawyer, the lawyer you select one that is a good fit with you and understands what your goals are. Your attorney should have the dedication, drive, and resources to pursue your case to the lengths necessary to attain an optimal outcome.
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